Education for All 

Find out more about Stonewall's campaign to prevent and tackle homophobic bullying in schools






Find out more about Stonewall's work with primary schools to lay the foundations for a society without discrimination and where everyone can be themselves.


Find out more about Stonewall's work with secondary schools and the resources available to help staff prevent and tackle homophobic bullying and talk about lesbian, gay and bisexual issues in class.  Read more


Find out more about Stonewall's work with young people, and how to help if you are a Youth worker.


Stonewall’s University Guide is for all lesbian, gay and bisexual students and all those in between. It will help you to choose a university that will welcome you and support you in being yourself.

Local Authorities

Through the Education Champions programme Stonewall supports Local Authorities in helping their local schools preventing and tackling homophobic bullying. 

Parents and Carers

There are many ways parents and carers can ensure their children are safe from bullying, feel included and are being prepared for life in a diverse society. 

Education in Wales

Find out more about the campaign to tackle homophobia and homophobic bullying in schools.




Download and order our reports and campaign resources including The Teachers’ Report, The School Report and our Some people are gay, get over it! materials. 


Volunteer for Stonewall Cymru

Opportunities include youth anti homophobic bullying advocates. 


Request a Stonewall Cymru speaker 

Stonewall Cymru attends a range of events, from training to speaking at conferences and to groups. Read more