Coming Out

Coming out is a process that all LGB people go through in their lives. This section provides information on what coming out is, suggestions of how to go about it and information about where to get support with it if you face any challenges.

What is ‘coming out’?

Coming out just means sharing with someone that you are lesbian, gay or bisexual. Unlike your race, the colour of your hair or whether you wear glasses or not, it’s not something you can tell by looking at someone, so if you want people to know, you may well need to tell them.

The process of coming out is different for every single person and it isn’t a one-off event. At times it can feel like you have to come out every day or at least every time you meet a new person!

Some of the people you might come out to are: your parents; friends, teachers; work colleagues; other family members- in fact anyone and everyone you know and meet!

Coming out can be done in all different ways- sometimes you might want to specifically tell someone such as when you tell your family but in other situations you might just come out through a simple comment like telling someone the sex of your partner.

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