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What our members say

Councillor Rodney Berman, Leader, Cardiff Council

“Cardiff Council is proud to be a Stonewall Diversity Champion.  Membership has given us the chance for useful expert feedback which has improved the fairness of our policies and services, as well as building links both with our LGB employees, partner organisations and community groups.

Although the Scheme is specific to sexual orientation, tools like the Workplace Equality Index set out a blueprint for improvements across all strands of diversity.
When we joined the scheme in 2006 our ambition was to make it into the "Top 100".  We are delighted to have achieved this ambition, but now realise that Membership offers so much more.  I would have no hesitation in recommending membership to every local authority in Wales.”

Bernard Galton, Director General - People, Places and Corporate Services, Welsh Assembly Government

"Our people lie at the very heart of everything we do and with this in mind the Welsh Assembly Government is committed to promoting equality and diversity.  The opportunity presented through Stonewall Cymru’s Diversity Champions Programme to network with other employers is invaluable in helping us to improve how we support all our people to give of their best and also to us attracting the best talent to work for the people of Wales”

Jenny Pye, Equalities & Welsh Language Officer, Countryside Council for Wales

“We thrive on the diversity of our staff and are actively promoting equality and diversity in all our work.  Being a member of the Stonewall Cymru Diversity Champions Programme gives us support for the work of our LGB Focus Group and helps to identify priorities for our LGB Action Plan”

Suzanne Gravett, Acting Head of Equality and Diversity, South Wales Police


“Here at South Wales Police we are privileged to have an opportunity to work with Stonewall Cymru, who are undoubtedly instrumental in driving sexual orientation equality forward on our agenda. We continue to have strong links with them and appreciate the latest research and thinking coming out of Stonewall which helps us to grow and develop further. We are proud of our continued relationship and our Diversity Champion status.”

Professor Terry Threadgold, Pro Vice Chancellor, Staff and Diversity, Cardiff University

“Cardiff University are proud to be a Diversity Champion committed to promoting equality and diversity. As a Diversity Champion we are provided with a framework that ensures a comprehensive approach to promoting equality including guidelines and events to share information and good practice. Stonewall Cymru provide excellent support and encouragement that assists us to put into reality our commitment to achieving LGB equality.”

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