Look Out Media Project

Here you will find more information about the Look Out Media Project.

Click here to download the Look Out media report.

Information is split into 5 sections:

About Look Out - here you will find background information about the project

Resources for the LGB community - key to the success of Look Out is working with LGB people and community groups to promote practical support and advice on media relations. Here you will find advice about writing a press release, writing to the editor and giving media interviews. We also encourage you to voice your opinions about any type of media coverage of LGB people or issues, and in this section you will find a list of local media contact details.

Resources for journalists - in this section journalists will be able to access accurate information on a variety of LGB issues. There is also a Dictionary of Equality Language which lists terminology to avoid, and preferred terminology to use, when reporting LGB stories. In addition, there is also a contact list of organisations and people who may be willing speak to a journalist.

Contact Look Out - contact us if you have a media enquiry or would like more information about the project.

Case studies - Stonewall Cymru has a database of individuals who have experiences to share with the media. Here you will find the initial case studies contact form.

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