8 June 2012

Stonewall launches guide for employers on supporting gay staff overseas

Pioneering guide calls on global employers to champion gay equality worldwide

Stonewall today launches a pioneering guide for global employers with gay staff working on overseas assignments. The guide, which is supported by Google, provides practical advice on supporting staff who are working in countries that lack legal protections for lesbian, gay and bisexual people as strong as those in the UK.
Stonewall’s new guide – Global Working – is based on the experience of global members of its Diversity Champions programme, which engages over 600 employers who have 10 million staff worldwide. It includes case studies from employers as diverse as Barclays, the Armed Forces and Ernst & Young. The guide offers global employers ten tips to make sure gay staff are supported to take full advantage of opportunities to work abroad – and calls on employers to champion gay equality wherever they’re based.

Stonewall Director of Workplace Colleen Humphrey said: ‘Years of hard lobbying by Stonewall has secured vital legal protections for gay staff in Britain. But in over 80 countries it’s still illegal to be gay, and other countries don’t legally recognise civil partners or same-sex parents. Our guide will help global employers support their gay staff on assignment in those countries – and help make a difference to 400 million gay people living worldwide.’

As well as supporting over 600 major employers, Stonewall’s Workplace team also now runs a range of conferences across Britain, seminars and professional development courses as well as publishing an annual graduate recruitment guide and regular research into workplace good practice. Stonewall’s next Workplace Conference is in Manchester on 15 June.

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