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It is incredibly sad when someone dies and there is no predicting how you will respond. The way you respond is wholly individual and there are no prescribed timescales for when you will be experiencing certain feelings.

This is a time to be kind to yourself, collect your closest friends around you and take your time. People will understand and want to help you. You might want to try to keep busy or take some time out from usual commitments – both are fine to do. It is finding out what would be best for you.

We want to provide on this page both organisations that can help and places you can go for practical activities that might be worth exploring.

Practical activities

Activities for children but useful for adults too:

Dying Matters

Winston’s Wish

Organisations who can help around death and bereavement:

Dying Matters - raising awareness of death, dying and bereavement. - government information about death and bereavement, including probate, funeral and financial information.

Grief Encounters – support bereaved children and young people. Have a phone line everyone can access.

Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief - helping people in Scotland to support each other through end of life and bereavement.

Final Fling - support to enable people to be in control of their end of life decisions.

The Natural Death Centre - independent funeral advice and support.

Other useful sources of support 

For further information please contact Stonewall's Information Service.

Our page on leaving a gift in a will to Stonewall.