Pride Cymru March 2019 - Stonewall Cymru
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Pride Cymru

Pride Cymru March 2019

Join Stonewall Cymru to march at Pride Cymru!

  • Date: 24 August 2019
  • Location: Cardiff City Center
  • Registration: Free. However marching does not gain you a Pride Cymru wristband. To buy wristbands please visit the website.

You will be marching alongside Stonewall Cymru's Youth Pride through the streets of Cardiff. Marchers must be 18 or older, unless accompanied by an adult. If you are between 16-21 please register with Stonewall's Youth Pride.


It's free to register. When registering, we're also extending the invitation for you to join Stonewall Cymru before the march at our Supporters Brunch. A chance to grab a drink and a pastry before heading off to march.


Register to march with us for free and get a discounted Stonewall ‘Some People Are…. Get Over it! t-shirt for £8.00 to show your support during the march.

We'll send you an email once you have purchased a t-shirt, asking for confirmation of size, design and language. All t-shirts will be collected at the Supporters Brunch before the march.


If you have any issues with registration please e-mail us at