What you can do

Fundraising with Rainbow Laces

Having a 'lace-up day' and wearing laces at your games and matches is a great way to make LGBT people in sport feel welcome and to celebrate inclusion.

It can also be a great way to raise money for Stonewall Cymru and continue helping us to make sport everyone’s game.

How else can I fundraise using Rainbow Laces?

  • Sell Rainbow Laces at your match or in the lead up to it.
  • Ask players to sell Rainbow Laces to their friends and families
  • Hold a 'Rainbow Non-Uniform Day' at school or college with everyone donating £1 to take part
  • Host a screening of 'Wonderkid', a short film about the inner turmoil looking at the story of homophobia in football and sell Rainbow Laces at the end
  • Run a sport-themed quiz night and sell Rainbow Laces


How much should I sell Rainbow Laces for?

You can sell the laces for as much or as little as you like but we find £2 is the sweet spot.

Can we order a collection tin? 

Yes, get in touch and we can send you lots of promotional materials to use in your fundraising.

Can we keep some of the money we raise?

Stonewall Cymru welcomes donations and always appreciates the hard work of campaigners and fundraisers. We welcome as much as you’re able to give, but of course, you should cover your costs. Please just make sure that everyone who donates knows where their money is going.

Other ideas

From marathons to bake sales, there are a whole host of different ways you can raise money for Stonewall Cymru. 

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