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Creating a trans-inclusive school

This course gives teachers the confidence to support a trans young person in school, including ideas for best practice in creating a trans-inclusive school in line with OFSTED and the Equality Act 2010. Participating schools become members of our School Champions programme.

Course objectives

  • Develop the confidence, skills and knowledge to train their colleagues on tackling transphobic bullying and creating a trans-inclusive school
  • Gain an overview of the current experiences of young trans people in school and their impact on pupil achievement and school performance
  • Find out how to meet Ofsted and legal requirements under the Ofsted inspection framework and the Equality Act 2010

Primary School Training

Secondary School Training

64% of trans pupils are bullied for being LGBT in school

45% of trans young people have attempted suicide

What teachers have to say

99% of teachers who attended the course recommended it to others. 

A wonderful and inspiring day, great activities to go away with

All schools should have to attend to ensure young people are well supported