Civil partnership conversion
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Civil partnership conversion

Couples currently in civil partnerships in the UK are now able to convert to marriage.

The conversion process

The conversion application

Both you and your partner will need to make an appointment with your superintendent registrar at any registry office in England or Wales. You will need to provide your personal details (name, date of birth, address etc.), the date and location of the civil partnership and details of when and where the conversion declaration will take place. Proof of identity and address will need to be shown.

The conversion declaration

This is when the actual conversion takes place. You will both sign, and can choose to read aloud to each other, a declaration that you agree to convert your civil partnership to marriage and will become your partner’s lawful husband or wife. This declaration must be made in the presence of a superintendent registrar who will witness and sign the declaration.

You can choose to hold a ceremony subsequent to the declaration but this may incur an additional fee. Marriage certificates can be requested and these will be backdated to the date of the civil partnership. The certificate will also include the date of conversion.


Any application, declaration and registration of a marriage conversion which takes place in Wales can be translated into Welsh if the couple request this. You should ensure the superintendent registrar who approves your conversion is able to understand and write Welsh.

For further information please contact Stonewall Cymru's Information Service on 08000 502020 or email