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Stonewall Cymru’s response to Gareth Bennett comments

  • Stonewall Cymru responds to comments made by Gareth Bennett

  • Comments described as hateful to trans community

  • Llywydd Elin Jones affirms Assembly Members role must be carried out with respect

Gareth Bennett’s comments about trans people on the floor of the Senedd on Tuesday, 12 December were unacceptable. Assembly Members are expected to conduct their duties in ways that show respect for all citizens of Wales. Politicians should never resort to language that demeans or belittles people for who they are. When they do so, that behaviour should be challenged.

Andrew White, director of Stonewall Cymru said “Gareth Bennet has singled out trans people as somehow less deserving of human rights than others.  It is particularly worrying that he choses to demonstrate such narrowminded bullying behaviour in the chamber of our National Assembly.”

Our recent report, LGBT in Wales, shows hate crime against lesbian, gay, bi and trans people has risen dramatically. In the last 12 months, more than half of trans people in Wales have been the victim of a hate crime or incident because of their gender identity. Mr Bennett should be aware that some of the people he is in the National Assembly to represent will be trans.