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What you can do
London Pride 2016 credit Andy Tyler


Join us and show your support for LGBT people in the UK and across the world.


Pride is about communities coming together in celebration, protest, unity and solidarity.

We hope to see you at one of 30+ Prides we're joining across the country this summer. 


As Stonewall turns 30, we're not just celebrating the historic changes in legislation, policy, and societal attitudes that we've achieved together over the last 30 years.

We want to hear about your hopes for the future, so that together we can work towards a bold vision for the future of every LGBT person, everywhere.

We have not achieved equality until every LGBT person, of every colour and background, is able to enjoy equality within our community and outside of it.

Phyll Opoku-Gyimah, Executive Director of UK Black Pride, and Ruth Hunt, Chief Executive of Stonewall

Pride needs to be a place for everyone. It’s an important time for us to show our support for equality and acceptance for all LGBT people.

That’s why we are marching together with UK Black Pride, Mermaids and Level Up at Pride in London and strengthening our partnership with UK Black Pride. We're going to more community-based Prides than ever and new Prides happening for the first time, such as Bi Pride UK.

Stonewall Prides for 2019

Click on each nation below to find out where we're going in 2019.

Trans Pride Cymru: 30 March

Swansea Pride: 4 May

BiFest Cymru: 11 May

Urdd Eisteddfod: 27 May - 1 June

Llanelli Pride: 3 August

National Eisteddfod: 3 August - 10 August

Pride Cymru: 24 August
Exceter: 11 May

Birmingham: 25 - 26 May

Northumberland: 1 June

Oxford: 1 June

Canterbury: 15 June

Macclesfield: 6 July

UK Black Pride: 7 July

Southend: 13 July

Sparkle: 13 July

Bristol: 13 July

Hull: 20 July

Northern (Newcastle): 20 July

Eastbourne: 20 July

Trans Pride Brighton: 21 July

Happy Valley (Hebden Bridge): 27 July

Norwich: 27 July

Sheffield: 27 July

Nottingham: Late July (TBA)

Ely: 10 august

Manchester: 24 - 25 August

Southampton: 24 August

Bi Pride: 7 September

Preston: 28 September

Sunderland: 28 September

Wolverhampton: September (TBA)
Trans Pride Scotland, Dundee: 30 March

Edinburgh: 22 June

Fife: 6 July

Inverness: 21 July


Highlights of 2018

Hear from some groundbreaking campaigners in our 'Prides for All' series, celebrating the success of rural Prides like Midsomer Norton, and looking to the future with Bi Pride UK which will be happening for the first time in 2019.

We also heard from Finding a Voice, Trans Pride South West, and KeshetUK on the importance of strength, solidarity and support in the face of hostility - something every Pride has in common.

Got some questions, or organising a Pride?

If you have any queries or want to let us know about a Pride event, get in touch at

Want to get involved? Anyone can order a free #ComeOutForLGBT pack to get communities to show their support. Using #ComeOutForLGBT on social media can inspire others to join the movement for LGBT equality too.

For questions about Youth Pride, find out more at Stonewall Youth Pride events.

For more information on Pride in London, you can read our update here.

To see a complete list of all Prides across the UK, check out the UK Pride Organisers Network. Anyone can have a local Pride event featured on the list.

Get involved

Pride is a time for everyone to celebrate who they are, but also a time to take action. Here are some ways we can all play our part for LGBT equality.