Stonewall Cymru | Pride 2018
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What you can do
London Pride 2016 credit Andy Tyler

Prides 2018

Join us and show your support for LGBT people in the UK and across the world

We're ready to go to Pride, are you?

Pride has come a long way over the years!

There are now more Pride celebrations held across Britain than ever before.

Pride is a time for everyone to celebrate who they are, but while lesbian, gay, bi and trans rights may have progressed a lot, there is still a long way to go before everyone in the LGBT community feels accepted without exception.

This year, Stonewall wants to recognise the amazing LGBT activists and allies who make Pride happen – we are #ByYourSide.

We also want to welcome new Pride-goers - even if you've never attended a Pride celebration before, this is a great first step towards a movement of change

Stonewall Cymru will be attending Prides across the country - check out the list below - come and say hello, volunteer at a Pride in your area, or sign up to march with us!


Where will Stonewall Cymru be?

View a list of which Prides Stonewall will be attending in the UK

To see a complete list of Prides across the UK, check out the UK Pride Network.



This year we're really excited to announce that we'll be working even more closely with our wonderful volunteers. We're looking for friendly, enthusiastic people to help us on our information stalls, to talk to people about our work and to take photos and film footage.

Check out the Pride Volunteer role description and fill out the application form here