Our priorities for LGBT equality
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What you can do
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Our priorities for LGBT equality

Read about the things we want to change in 2020 and beyond.

Thank you to everyone who came out voting and used your voice and your vote to support LGBT equality.  

Over the last 30 years, we’ve made brilliant progress for LGBT rights and acceptance. We've had victories in employment rights, parenting rights, partnership rights and an equal age of consent. 

But there is still so much more to do to make sure every lesbian, gay, bi and trans person is accepted without exception. 

We are calling for action to unite communities, to protect and extend LGBT rights in the UK and around the world, to support LGBT children and young people and to improve LGBT equality in health and social care. 

Find out more about the changes we want to see. Join our network of supporters and play your part to #ComeOutforLGBT. 



Be part of the fight for LGBT equality, protect what we’ve already achieved and keep pushing forward on LGBT rights.