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School & College Role Models

At Stonewall, we know how important visible role models can be for lesbian, gay, bi and trans young people. School Role Model visits are a free benefit for all secondary school and college members of the Stonewall School & College Champions programme.

We work with volunteers from different backgrounds, with different jobs and life experiences, who visit schools to tell their story about growing up as an LGBT person.

Due to Covid-19 we're currently unable to book any Stonewall School & College Role Model visits. Stonewall School & College Champion members can access our new Stonewall School & College Role Model videos here.

What happens?

  • A visit usually starts with the role model addressing an assembly
  • The role model talks about their experiences of growing up and being LGBT
  • Q & A session follows
  • Sessions normally last about an hour
  • Stonewall School Champions are entitled to one visit per year

School & College Champions

If your school is currently not a School & College Champion and you would like to be, you'll find more information here.

Get a taste of what a visit looks like:

How do I request a role model visit for my school or college? 

Please contact our Education department by filling in this form and we'll get back to you.

What happens next?

Once we receive your request we will contact our school & college role models to check their availability and keep in contact with you in the following weeks to update you on the progress.

Would you like to become a Stonewall School & College Role Model? 

At Stonewall we know the importance of visible role models, especially for young lesbian, gay, bi and trans people who do not feel that they are represented in everyday life. This is why we work with people from different backgrounds, with different jobs and life experiences who give up their time to visit schools to talk about their experiences of growing up as an LGBT person. 

By visiting a school or college and sharing your experience, you will be making a difference to the lives of the students and pupils by giving any LGBT young person in the room someone they can relate to, who can inspire them, and who can give them to confidence to be themselves. And for all the other young people, it’s a chance to ask questions and learn about a life experience they may never have encountered. 

If you're interested in becoming a School & College Role Model, please email