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Workplace Equality Index

Top 100 Employers 2018

Top 100 Employers (2018)

Top 5 employers in Wales

1. National Assembly for Wales
2. Lloyds Banking Group
3. Victim Support
4. Welsh Government
5. Cardiff University

National Assembly for Wales

The National Assembly for Wales has been a high performer in the Top 100 for a number of years. They are committed to valuing diversity, promoting inclusion and addressing inequalities both as an employer and service provider.
The board and senior management continue to be visible and active in promoting LGBT equality throughout the organisation and the LGBT network, OUT-NAW, provides peer support including coaching and mentoring opportunities for members and allies.

The National Assembly for Wales has developed workplace systems that are inclusive of trans and non-binary staff by providing the opportunity to select the Mx title and their own gender term. Gender-neutral facilities have been introduced across the entire organisation and the Assembly has produced a specific resource for staff on non-binary identities.

The organisation has collaborated with a variety of Welsh organisations to promote LGBT equality in the region and to share best practice. They have sponsored and supported many LGBT community groups and events by providing and hosting on their premises for free. They’ve also engaged with LGBT Youth Groups to discuss how to engage LGBT young people and ensure there is equality for all throughout Wales.

We are truly honoured to be recognised by Stonewall as the leading employer in the UK for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. The National Assembly has diversity and inclusion at the very heart of its role representing the people of Wales.

We are proud to support our LGBT staff network and continue to work to create an inclusive culture – not only for the people who work here but for the people we represent across all Wales’ diverse  communities. As Wales’ parliament, it is right that we should lead by example to demonstrate what can be achieved with the right attitudes, leadership and determination.


Elin Jones, Assembly Member, Llywydd of the National Assembly for Wales

Workplace Equality Index

People perform better when they can be themselves - Stonewall has stood by this motto since it first began engaging with employers through the Diversity Champions programme.

But what does that mean? And what can employers do to create an environment where all employees are able to reach their full potential? Taking part in the Workplace Equality Index is an effective way to measure your efforts to tackle discrimination and create an inclusive workplace for your lesbian, gay bisexual and trans employees.

If your organisation is not a member of either programme and you would like to make a submission to the Workplace Equality Index, please contact the Stonewall Workplace Team at for more information.

How the Index works

The Top 100 Employers list is compiled from Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index – Britain’s leading benchmarking tool for LGBT inclusion in the workplace.

Organisations that enter the Index compile an evidence-based submission covering 10 different areas of practice, from policy to community engagement. To complement the submission, Stonewall also seeks feedback directly  from entrants’ employees through a survey covering key indicators of workplace culture.

Submissions are marked by internal Stonewall experts, cross-checked and then ranked, with the top 100 organisations celebrated as Stonewall’s Top 100 Employers for LGBT people. Detailed feedback is given to entrants to help them plan their year ahead and further develop inclusive workplaces and services across Britain.

Top Trans Inclusive Employers

For the last two years, Stonewall has asked trans inclusion questions in the Workplace Equality Index. These provided a baseline assessment of the work being  done by organisations across Britain and allowed us to produce a series of best practice resources for employers.

For 2018, employers have been held to account on their trans inclusion work. Trans inclusion practice has contributed to entrants’ overall scores, and to be a Stonewall Top 100 Employer, they must have demonstrated their commitment to trans equality.