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Stonewall Cymru: Future Leaders Programme

Stonewall Cymru is hosting a fully funded workshop specifically for LGBTQ+ people aged 22-30.

The programme is designed to empower LGBTQ+ people from across Wales to develop their understanding of how our identities shape our experiences and how we can create inclusive environments where all LGBTQ+ people can thrive.

Programme Details

Date: 23 January 2024

Time: 9:30 to 16:30 

Cost: Free 

Where: The programme will be hosted in person in Cardiff

Perfect for: LGBTQ+ people aged 22-30 who want to understand how to use their experiences to demonstrate inclusive leadership behaviours

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop an understanding of how our identities shape experiences in our workplaces and communities
  • Understand the role leaders play in creating inclusive environments
  • Discuss how to take care of yourself when talking about your identity and experiences as an aspiring leader
  • Build a network of aspiring LGBTQ+ leaders and build connections across Wales 

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Who can attend?

This programme is for LGBTQ+ people aged between 22 and 30 who live in Wales.  

We welcome a diverse range of participants to our programmes and are especially seeking LGBTQ+ people who experience multiple marginalisation or whose identities are underrepresented to attend this programme. We take specific steps to ensure that our programmes are accessible for all LGBTQ+ people.

Why participate in this programme?

We believe that LGBTQ+ people, across the world and across every stage of our lives, have limitless potential. However, we know that too often LGBTQ+ people face barriers to be their authentic selves. 

This programme will allow you to identify strategies to demonstrate inclusive behaviours as an aspiring LGBTQ+ leader, and how to navigate environments where our identities may pose barriers to being our authentic selves.  

You will also have opportunities to connect with and build a network of other future LGBTQ+ leaders.  

Previous feedback

Please see below for previous feedback from attendees of this session in Scotland.

  • 90% of delegates said that the programme supported them to develop their understanding of how identity shapes experiences in workplaces, communities, and other settings
  • 94% of delegates said that the programme supported them to develop their understanding of the role leaders play in creating inclusive environments
  • 90% of delegates rated the programme as either ‘excellent’ or ‘good’

"I found it affirming to be around other LGBTQ+ people who had similar hopes around creating more inclusive workplaces" - Delegate on a previous Future LGBTQ+ Leaders Programme

"The content and structure of the workshop (programme) was great, it covered all aspects of what an inclusive leader looks like and how to be the best version of yourself as you progress in your career" - Delegate on a previous Future LGBTQ+ Leaders Programme

Apply for a place on this programme

To apply for this programme, please complete our online application form. The deadline for applications is 02 January 2024.

If you have any questions about the programme, or would like to see the application form in another format, please contact us at

We are limiting places on this programme to 30 places and are anticipating high demand. Successful applicants will be notified via email at least two weeks before the programme.


We want our events to be accessible to everyone. All delegates should expect to feel safe, welcome, and included at our events.

We understand that attending a programme such as this has hidden financial costs, which may prevent LGBTQ+ people from attending. We have therefore made funding available to cover reasonable travel, accommodation, and food costs for those who most need it to be able to attend this programme. Please see our FAQs below or email to find out more about the support we have available.  

If you have any access needs, including the provision of equipment and BSL interpreters, please email We will do our best to accommodate any access requirements you need.  

Our Programmes

Stonewall is committed to ensuring that attendees of our programmes can participate in a safe and supported environment.

Through different interactive exercises, we encourage delegates to challenge themselves, grow their understanding and develop new connections with the people in the session.

Exploring issues and developing knowledge of different identities is encouraged and we see all identities as valid. Debating the validity of identities is not accepted on our courses.


Do I need to be in employment to apply? 

No. As long as you are aged between 22-30 you are welcome to apply to this programme. However, whilst the learning from this programme will translate across different settings, please be aware that this programme will focus on leadership in a workplace environment.  

I am in employment, is this programme open to organisations in my sector? 

Yes. We welcome LGBTQ+ people aged 22-30 regardless of employment status, and from across all sectors in Wales.  

I do not live in Wales, can I attend? 

As this is a funded programme you do have to live in Wales to be able to attend this programme. You can find out more about other opportunities to attend one of our programmes or events here

I am not aged between 22-30, can I attend the event? 

This programme has been designed to specifically support LGBTQ+ people aged between 22-30, so we cannot allow people outside of this age range to attend. You can find out more about other opportunities to attend one of our programmes or events here

What travel, accommodation, and food costs are covered? 

As this is an in-person programme, there is a requirement to travel to Cardiff to participate. We have secured funding to be able to cover reasonable transport costs (train, bus, car) for delegates who need this support to attend the programme. We will also consider requests for accommodation for those who need it.

As a charity, we ask that delegates take steps to secure the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly transport options.

If you need support in booking travel, please contact us via

Food and Drink

All delegates attending the event will receive lunch and refreshments on the day.