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Stonewall Cymru Role Model Guide

Published in November 2020

Stonewall Cymru believes in the power of stories to inspire individuals and empower people to create tangible societal change. This guide tells the stories of LGBT people from across a wide range of backgrounds, sharing their experiences of being LGBT in Wales today, in their workplaces, their families and in their communities. The guide aims to highlight the diversity of LGBT people in Wales and show that being yourself should never be a barrier to success, happiness and fulfilment.

A full list of those recognised in this year’s Role Model Guide are as follows:

  • Caroline Bovey, Dietician
  • Delyth Liddell, Methodist Minister, Coordinating Chaplain at Cardiff University
  • Selena Caemawr, Activist, Entrepreneur and Writer
  • Marc Rees, Artist
  • Sarah Lynn, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Project Manager
  • Phil Forder, Prison Manager
  • Numair Masud, Bioscience Researcher
  • Samantha Carpenter, Semi-Retired
  • Megan Pascoe, Business Engagement Officer
  • Elgan Rhys, Writer-Director-Performer


Stonewall Cymru Role Models Guide